Winding Road Coven

Walking the path of magickal discovery and nurturing our own magickal natures, is like walking a "winding road". It descends into darkness and travels even to the heavens. The direction you go depends upon the path you choose to walk.

Pagan Community Resource Page. More to come as this becomes more clearly defined. 

About Winding Road


Winding Road has been in existence as a coven for 9 years. Its inception was prompted by spirit and began with one simple question: Where  has the pagan community gone? Where we live there has always been a thriving and public pagan community, but with turning of tides and the disappearances of community resources, we seem to have been scattered to the 4 corners of the earth, as it were. Having and maintaining a semblance of community was one of the goals, but also having a place to share the knowledge we have amassed, our abilities with one another and a place to celebrate our differences as well sameness was also of import. And then her message came: "Gather my people", and not just spoken within my internal landscape, but spoken aloud....this disembodied voice....and heard by our coven's co-founder. 

Our mission was clear and very quickly those who were to be taught and who would share in their knowledge came into our world, and Winding Road was born. And as the years have progressed we have continued to grow, providing various services to the community at large, continuing our own personal education(s), and educating those who would be awake and made aware of the path they too choose now to walk. Always offered for the betterment of all and in accordance with free will...from a place of love and light. 

Be you Wiccan, Druid, Hougan, Witch, Norse, Sorcerer, Magician, or Other your way and methodology can find expression and celebration among your brother and sister traditions as we would celebrate in this manner with you. We all walk the Winding Road. 



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