Winding Road Coven

Walking the path of magickal discovery and nurturing our own magickal natures, is like walking a "winding road". It descends into darkness and travels even to the heavens. The direction you go depends upon the path you choose to walk.

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Romantic & Sexual Relationships within the Coven

The council of Winding Road met on April 15th, 2012. There were a number of topics which were discussed. Among them, the importance of following coven rules and regulations. Please remember that the purpose of the council is to prevent decisions being made while operating in a vacuum. It also serves as reminder not to be hypocrite when enforcing our guidelines.

The God/dess works in mysterious ways, as does the web of life, so our being drawn to practitioners seems to happen a lot. Please remember, however, that the purpose of the coven is not for dating or hookups. There are plenty of places to meet persons. This does not need to happen within the circle. We are adults, and serious minded magical academics. This is our focus and what we strive for. 

  • Proselytes or Affiliates with Winding Road May not be dated for 6 months. After that time period, if you wish to date the affiliate or other, that is between you and the coven member. This relationship must not affect the coven, and what we do.
  • Initiates and Coven Members May not be dated for 1 year and a Day. After that time period, if you wish to date the Initiate or Coven Member that is between you and that member. This relationship must not affect the coven or your ability to circle with the group.

In either event, you will need to ask yourself if it is worth the fallout of pursuing this relationship with the person, and the potential damage if it does not work out. You are adults, and should manage yourselves appropriately. It is my opinion that the person who can be salvaged will be, and those who are behaving overly emotional or angry will be asked to step back or discontinue coming. You will need to declare your relationship in any event to the council, and be reminded of expectations and obligations to manage yourselves appropriately as it relates to Winding Road.

It has been a common thought stated to me that it is no one’s business what happens in someone’s bedroom. It has also come to my attention that persons have (in the past) attempted to check out for dating purposes (or other) new members. For the aforementioned reasons, I say otherwise as does the council. We have rules, and they need to be respected for the smooth functioning of the group. There is nothing worse than dealing with a jilted lover. Add religion to this, and it takes on devastating connotations.

Please be warned that any person found to be secretly dating (or other) another person within the coven without regard for the rules – a three month suspension from coven will be provided after discussion with the council (again not operating in a vacuum). Should a pattern of this continue – Merry Meet, and Merry Part. Merry Meet Again (One day when the recipient is mature enough to understand why this had to happen)!

PERFECT LOVE AND PERFECT TRUST means also being able to trust your coven to follow the rules, and provide a safe environment to explore, learn, and grow in a multitude of ways.

Blessed Be.



Temple Behavior/ Coven Behavior

  • Please come to coven meetings bathed. This is a habit that you should become accustomed to developing. As a magickal working could take place at a moment of notice, it is best to have your vessel prepared to receive spirit. The LBRP can suffice to address clearing and banishing negative stain. The natural smells of people or of certain body parts is very rarely if ever appreciated.  
  • On the eve of scheduled Rites (Sabbats/Esbats/Healings/Workings), physical cleanliness is non-negotiable. Take the time to prepare your physical form always.
  • Negativity, negative outbursts, or emotional disturbances are not permitted when circles have been cast and when the cone of power has been raised. This is a non-negotiable. When circle has been cast, and the cone has been raised, we connect psychically and empathically. It is not fair to your coven members to make them "experience" you in this negative manner  when the “Human” aspects of ourselves ARE NOT what is being sought. Ritual time is not the time to seek emotional attention. 
  • It is important to remember that self control and will are tools to use for redirecting ourselves. If you cannot control yourself, please excuse yourself and leave. If you have travelled with the another member to coven, please be respectful of your travel companion  and wait for them to complete the meeting or ritual.
  • Ceremonial  & Ritual Garbs are items of your own personal choosing; Clothing that makes you feel magical in nature, and when worn signals your transformation from human to witch/magician. Please select items of clothing for this purpose. These clothes are to be worn from that moment forward for "workings" only and on no other occasion. For our main rites and practices, please bring these items with you. You do not have to be limited to one. You may fashion or purchase robes to satisfy this requirement or you may wear items of clothing in solid black or solid white until such time as you find items you will use for ceremonial purposes only. 

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