Winding Road Coven

Walking the path of magickal discovery and nurturing our own magickal natures is like walking a "winding road". It descends into darkness and travels even to the heavens. The direction you go depends upon the path you choose to walk.

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Rituals & Ceremonies play an important role in all societies. By participating in rituals or ceremonies people demonstrate that they have ideologies in common with the rest of the community.

If you participate in a ritual or ceremony, you are acknowledging its function and the importance it carries within society. These rites are socially significant because they do not just present abstract ideas but they actually influence the world or the way that participants view the world. None is more widely understood for its importance and symbolism than the Rites of Marriage or the expression of Commitment to the one you love. As a Reverend and High Priest it is an honor to offer any services I may to help you express your commitment to your loved one in the way you desire for this to be done. Services are provided within the Central Ohio area but may be extended to outer areas within Ohio. Under the latter conditions travel expenses and accommodation expenses will apply. 



This is a ceremonial rite which is ideal for couples who want a quick and personal wedding ceremony.  There is no rehearsal for the ceremony.  It may be performed at the couple’s home or the officiant.  The wedding party consists of the officiant, the couple, and two additional people as witnesses.  Marriage License must be obtained prior to ceremony.



Wedding Ceremonies and Handfastings may be performed in a standard manner or custom tailored to your needs and desires.  Time will be afforded to decide what elements you want in your ceremonial & custom scripting.  We will work with your guests, family or friends, service providers, or other to ensure a smooth flow from before the ceremony starts to the end.  Wedding Planning Services may be provided upon request. Marriage License must be obtained prior to ceremony.  Officiant files marriage license with the appropriate Probate Court in which couple has obtained Marriage License.  Travel expense may be applicable.



Commitment ceremonies may be provided for those individuals who want to proclaim their love and commitment to one another.  Under Ohio law this union will not be considered legal and binding.  The performance of such a ritual does carry great weight in a spiritual, emotional, and mental sense. A commemorative commitment certificate will be provided

Me performing the marriage of one of my best friends to the love of her life. Blessed Be.

Me performing the marriage of one of my best friends to the love of her life. Blessed Be.

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