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Walking the path of magickal discovery and nurturing our own magickal natures, is like walking a "winding road". It descends into darkness and travels even to the heavens. The direction you go depends upon the path you choose to walk.

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My name is Brian Edwards. As High Priest of Winding Road, it has been a true honor to have been selected to provide clergy services as a volunteer for the Ohio Reformatory for Women. It is estimated that some 300 or more females currently incarcerated at ORW have declared their religious belief to be Wicca, or that they are witches. For a time, there had been no individual traveling to their location to provide services, but through some strange coincidence and synchronicity I was asked if I would be willing to do the work. This has become one of the best personal and spiritual decisions I could have ever made. 

My passion for what I do religiously has led me to do the majority of the work I perform at my own expense. I am always concerned because of bad examples of greed from the pulpit to even consider donations from others to help me afford what is needed to continue this work, but unfortunately money is always a concern in many areas of mankind's lives. Matters of spirit, spirituality, seeking enlightenment and changing the direction of a persons life is a gift one can give which is priceless. Doing so from a place of love and respect for the divine has always been my motivation. Still, money is needed at times for travel expenses, purchasing supplies, text books, or other.

While the prison systems do afford me to have some things furnished, not all things can be. Text books and materials,  or even Jpay Email Stamps, so as to communicate with the women during times of spiritual or emotional crisis are not able to be afforded me.  As an added complication, no favoritism can be found between a volunteer minister and an inmate. What is afforded to one inmate must be afforded to all inmates. This makes perfect sense to me. Which means that if out of 10 inmates...2 cannot afford to pay for JPay stamps, I cannot communicate with them online should someone have spiritual needs requiring ministering, like an unforeseen death in the family. I seek a means to provide text books the prisons cannot afford to purchase due to budgetary concerns, and to replenish the occult library through book donations. I seek a means to pay for jpay accounts if persons need to communicate with me so this is done fairly and evenly. I seek a means to pay for meals at holiday celebrations, as in the last year the prison systems cut back further on what could be provided for at holiday celebrations. I seek a means to provide a book shelf where reading materials can be stored. In other words, my goals are reasonable and not lofty or incredibly expensive in the long run. 

It does not escape my notice that these women are incarcerated for a reason. This is a time of atonement, but I also realize that this small token of my time and personal dedication means so much to them, as these efforts bring about internal landscape change. Healing. As I am only one man with a small coven and not affiliated with a large church organization, it would be necessary for me to receive community support to complete these goals.  I wish to expand what I am capable of doing over time. All proceeds will be utilized for this legitimate cause, and verification that it has been used for this reason can be provided as receipts will be obtained and accounted for. If you wish to donate, from the love that is light I thank you. God/dess Bless You. Blessed Be.



Book Donations & Re-Entry Resource Information:


The Wicca and Pagan Community within ORW are in need of book donations to refresh their occult library, but to also replenish that which has been lost or stolen.  Book donations can be received and taken ORW during my normal trips. If you would like to donate a book or many books, please contact me/us. 

The Franklin County Re-entry Coalition exists to help those individuals who are re-entering society and may be in need of assistance. The Coalition is charged with creating safer neighborhoods and more productive residents by increasing the success rates of ex-offenders transitioning from correctional and rehabilitative institutions back into the community. They can provide assistance with obtaining Clothing, Food, Housing or Shelter, Identification, Obtaining a Job or Job Training, Transportation, Healthcare, and Legal Assistance. For more information, please follow the hyperlink to be connected with the Franklin County Re-entry Coalition.

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