Winding Road Coven

Walking the path of magickal discovery and nurturing our own magickal natures, is like walking a "winding road". It descends into darkness and travels even to the heavens. The direction you go depends upon the path you choose to walk.

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Change is on the wind.

The cycle of the year returns to new. The god is young and growing in light. The earth slumbers and is not dead, but brimming with the potential of renewal. Thus begins Winding Roads period of renewal. As we return to gathering with one another in the coming weeks, there will be some changes implemented. We can discuss this rebirth or reorganization in person, but I wanted to write this out for you to see it for yourself.

1. Every 4th meeting going forward will be a community based gathering. This will be a potluck or a social gathering. A time for discussion of what we are doing personally in our lives and in our practices. We can break bread, and for those of us who are into kitchen witchery, this will be an opportunity to share your gifts with us as you deem fit. This is also being implemented for other reasons, for it is time to trim the fat within the coven. That is, by organic means we shall begin to determine who among the coven are prepared to move forward with ritualistic practice and furthering your personal development with the coven as whole, and deepening your practice as a group. Naturally as this New Year moves on, it will become apparent to us on the whole who attends meetings for social purposes only. These individuals will not be ostracized or ousted. They will be invited to these social gatherings, and will be invited to celebrate with us in the sense of community for High Holidays. You will be invited to curriculum and educational based meetings, but it will not be expected that you attend. Nor will it be necessary to keep you up to speed on our lessons. We will move forward as organically as we can in this manner. If at any time such persons who are deemed communal based members only wish to catch up, you will have to put forth personal efforts on your own and in your personal time to catch up with the rest of us who have moved forward. With our intermittent assistance as necessary, you will be provided aid. This will be a type of public "reproof" that you want to join the inner ranks again. Blessed Be. In this manner we will honor the message: "You must gather my people. Continue as you do, but go bigger."

2. As a whole, the coven will be returning to the beginning in terms of lessons. I apologize for any who feel this is a slight to them for the dedication they have shown to using the spells and practices we apply as a group. This is as much for the newer members who are already here with us, but also for the coven members who may be joining NEW very soon. Please understand that this past fall it was proven that many individuals have not been utilizing the spells or their Devas after 2 years of dedicated work to move towards actual advanced level magic. It is for this reason that I offer a chance to return to the beginning for all who are interested, so we can move forward as a coven collectively should. It is also necessary, however, to indicate that there will be changes implemented to the educational process - such as written testing, public demonstration of knowledge, and homework assignments which will be graded by the coven as a group. In this manner, failure to comply will identify you as a communal based member until such time as you decide to put forth the effort to catch yourself up with the emerging core group.

3. Acolytes will emerge within the group. These will be assigned the task of educating those who fall behind and wish to be caught up. This is an honor I offer you. AN HONOR. It is asked that these persons take this honor seriously and perform the duty with zeal and in a timely manner.

4. There will be those meetings that only the core coven will be invited too. These will be smaller, and persons will be specifically disallowed from attending. This is the natural order of things. For as we advance, the information provided is not to be known by any who have not joined us. I hope you understand.

I hope that all of you will be excited at this method of rebirth. I KNOW I AM! I BELIEVE SHE IS! It is my honor to share these changes with you. It is through her gift of wisdom these changes are being implemented.

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